Travel like Buddha

buddhaMost of us end up interpreting life the wrong way. I was wondering if you take out the religion from personalities like Buddha, Jesus, Moses and Mohammad, what would be left of them. Aside from the fact that they successfully preached the meaning and right way of life, they traveled. Among them, I chose to write about Buddha who gave up not only his riches but his family ties, for the pursuit of the ultimate answers.

Buddha, the frontier of Buddhism, left his home for enlightenment-something that we too often seek as modern travelers. Keeping the religion aside, here’s what we can learn from the great traveler of the 6th Century B.C. Continue reading “Travel like Buddha”


U.S presidential election campaign has always been the a matter of world headlines. Statistics predicts too much about who’s winning and who is falling behind. Then there’s the outcry, blame-game; each candidate in criticism of their competition. This is the first time that I’ve followed the candidacy from very close using social medias and news portal.

One thing though, that I have observed as a common campaign slogan in these events is this. The new president is always the best option for otherwise a doomed American future, and that the residing president has led the nation to a historical failure. I would like to take example of Clinton, who got into controversy and was blamed for a poker-faced liar during the ending years of his presidency. Bush crossed all the boundaries with the rise of the 9/11 controversy theory, and waging an unnecessary war. Obama was the next hero, and it is no surprise that he is now tagged a bad choice for the Chief.

Donald J. Trump on Facebook.

So personally I like to believe that this is just happens with the retiring old officer. It all started with Obama Care. And then his birth origin was questioned. His policy towards Syrian refugee is widely and openly criticized as blasphemy. Let’s not stop there. If you follow Donald Trump in his Facebook and #makeamericagreatagain, the comments are filled with hatred against the old comrade by the same people who voted him. Even people are expressing views that they are changing from Democratic to Republican just to vote Mr. Trump. Continue reading “THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO CELEBRATE WHATEVER”