Super Child

7/9/2015 9:31:08 PM

Not my brother, After all ….

Today was hectic at work. Add two earlier days of alternating rain and heat, and a headache that was escalating within me from last night, there were numerous times I thought about going home. But workaholics gotta work, holding my pain till 5, is something I do quite often. Anyway, it’s not about me, move on.

Paras Ji was too kind to give me a lift to Maitighar, from where I would get a public bus and head home. His car was cool, not as cool as him. He also offered a light cigarette inside, why are bosses so comforting? Anyway, it’s not about him as well, move on.

So, getting off at Maitighar, I headed directly to the station and, into the first approaching vehicle, got in.

6, about to get dark, heading home, you guessed it right; it was the rush hour, with hundreds of me-like, trying to get home as fast as possible. Do I need to explain how the environment was? Well it was like animal stuffed together headed to slaughterhouse, only difference, we were not animals, and we were not going to be slaughtered. We were going HOME, and the tasty hope of finally getting there was soothing enough that everyone was feeling comfortable, amidst standing too close to each other’s breath, and taking in all the hasty draws-and-jerks of the hydraulics.

The conductor (helping staff) in the bus was pro-active, oh I tell you. If anyone would ever ask me to picture a perfect bus conductor, this would be the guy. The only thing here is, that, he was not a guy, not even a youngster; he was a kid, yes, about 10 years old. Well, before you feel sympathetic, read my compliments for him, actually read the truths about him.

He was about 3 feet tall, wheat-dark complexion. When he looks at you, you could easily tell that he is processing your bus fare in his head. The special thing about him was that he looked totally professional and into the job. Putting my own interpretation about him at this point would ruin the story, so I want to refrain from it as much as possible. Let’s talk about those over a cup of coffee, will you?

This tiny dare-devil seemed afraid of nothing. He is just hanging on the door of a moving bus, which he is too short to hold on to any support bar on the top. The only thing that is keeping him from falling was good luck. He is telling people to squeeze inside, telling driver to stop the vehicle to board more sheep (haha) inside, and screaming the destination to bus awaiting pedestrians, almost at the same time.

His voice was as sweet as a ten year’s could be, and as commanding as a conductor needs to have, at the same time. He would tell off anybody, even the most stubborn passenger on board. I was lucky enough to be outside of his commanding zone, in a small corner with nowhere to go, he was more focused on sending back the passengers trying to come closer to the door, to pack more, so I was spared.

Yet, people were laughing then, and mocking the kid. No one fears even the mightiest roar of a lion cub, after all size matters, or at least it mattered here. So the cubs command eventually became a source of entertaining comfort to the otherwise day-beaten, depressed passengers on the everyday bumpy ride home. What to do with a stubborn roaring cub? – Simple, mock him.

The story starts here. I humbly paid my bus-fare, and got off at my point. I wondered, I wondered with the potential that kid has, only if he had to exchange books on library than exchange bus-fare on the vehicle.

I wonder when people show him their “Student ID Card” for fare-discount, whether he can read those to authenticate, or just watch the photograph. I wonder if he dreams that he also has one of those tie-wearing-neat-looking identifications. I wonder if anyone cares, I wonder if the passengers will ever stop laughing and feel empathy for that kid. I wonder what he will grow up to be in future. And I finally wonder when ‘me-alike’ would have the guts and power to do something about it.

I wonder if anyone in this country is aware about child and child rights.

Well we are mistreated everyday by the bus conductor. Cool, let’s take it on this kid. What a funny kid? Let’s wish every bus has a kid like that conducting fares, maybe I will pay less fare today.

He is not my brother, after all.

We have become very selfish.

If a 10 year old kid can forget about his future trying to act professional, then should not we stop acting professional for a while and think about his future?source: internet


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