My Worst can be His Best

A regular day in office. ..

Cold of December is forcing every middle-class to invest on some really warm feathers this year; even if the price is going out of league due to blockade. I’m actualdecember-31-1068170_960_720ly tired of talking about blockade. It’s not about blockade.

So I’m in my office, wearing one of those out of league jackets, just sitting in front of the computer and keyboarding my day on. You know how the days are; I am right now laughing at my morning confidence while I was wearing this jacket on, and other clothes. “Today the cold is gonna lose”, I said to myself. Then the clock only had to strike afternoon, and the chilly breezes humiliate my investment (cotton), piercing every micro intersection of its threads.

Shivering a bit and working, the door in front of me suddenly bangs open, and I see two young Madhesi brothers transporting a long sleek wooden-frame downstairs, followed by the landlord. The boys were carrying a narrow window plank around 5 meters in length downstairs, for which they chose the path through my workplace because the route seems wider. My office being on the 2nd floor, I was first overwhelmed by the landlord’s stubbornness to using the path through our office when it was already rented out and there was another route available.

My cold gave away to those boys’ outfit. I doubt if it is correct for me to say that two pairs of pants and loose shirts in the cold December count as outfits. How actually do people cope? I believe it is the thinking, the perception of what we think we have best to outdo the worst. I have a mid-range jacket which I perceive as the best, may be a millionaire somewhere has a high-end North Face Down which he perceives as his best, and may be the two boys here have the best version of old blue jeans and shirts as theirs.

May be perception and equality resembles two faces of a single coin…….Mutually Exclusive, especially in the December.


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