Slow Spinning Redemption

When you don’t listen to me, I talk to you !

When it comes to forgiveness, it’s the final step that counts. So – wait before you set that foot above the ultimate core of the destination; know this journey for redemption would end. No matter whether you’ve flied for 12 hours and walked for a week for this moment, or if it takes another 10 days to reach home – this last step is the only thing that will determine whether you’ve traveled. You are in an important time event – if you go back now, you would be lying to yourself and other that you have been here. You haven’t.

Reaching to redemption was a feeling you developed just this morning – and you are in surprise as to where it came from. “Today is special” – you said to yourself. The boot laces tightened expertly – automatically, and now you are walking high. Yesterday you thought you were an amateur, today you don’t. You are into it. A tale-to-tell is approaching from a few miles away – step by step. But you now it is approaching only because you are seeking redemption. I like the way you are listening. 

Who know what lies beyond this last step? Now that we are here finally. But as the quadriceps struggle to pull the rest of the body across the final line and you start basking with adrenaline, your alter-ego doubts. Is redemption just a step away? Worse, what if it isn’t? I told you so. 

Alter-ego never wanted the destination, it just cared about the journey – and wished it was infinite, at least you and I know it, who cares how the rest of the people’s minds work? But we can’t stop now, can we? I tell you it’s a trap – it’s the journey that I want, and it’s the destination you seek. If journeys were stars, for me destinations are black holes of the universe. Who searches for black holes instead of just wandering around the stars? You. 

And in the blink of an eye – you took that step. While my heart was still doubtful, yours pounded with the exposure. You mind searches for clues around, with hope to get answer for untangling every complexity of your life. Did you find the answer? Did you? Ok. What did you learn? I say – “not enough”.

Well, it takes time – as the journeys get longer, destinations provide redemption, but with the law of diminishing utility. I won’t say it’s impossible now that you’ve felt it. Redemption looks possible, I say – “bit by bit”. 


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