Rescued from Everest Base Camp

Benedikt on Base Camp (3rd from left)
Me (Third from left) with Sherpas of the Everest Region.

Hello, my name is Benedikt and I am from Austria. I was in Nepal last few months, for some volunteering opportunities and of course adventure. Mount Everest Base Camp, was my highlight of this trip. As I am writing this, I am already filled with another adventure up head, to adopt a dog I found here.

On the way back from Everest, between Base Camp and Gorakhshep, I saw the lovely black beast it was; didn’t take me long to find out that this dog depends on food from trekkers. I too, gave him some food I had with me. When it was time to leave, this dog followed me down to Timbush. A slim tall hound, it stalked me all the way down as I was making up my mind; that I am going to adopt him. While in Timbush, I bought a leash and we hiked down to Lukla for two hours, only to find out that the airlines is not going to fly Everest to Kathmandu.

I had two choices. First to leave the dog there and fly back, and second to take a long hike. I chose the second; a two day hike to Phakding where I hired a jeep and drove back to Kathmandu.

Everest was living with me in my hotel for a few days, and I was desperate to find a shelter for him, as I was flying soon, and I needed someone to take care of him through a long 4-month process of flying a dog to E.U, trust me, it is a very long process. The hotel owner would give me an ultimatum of 3 days to remove the dog, or he would remove us the both.

That’s when I heard about KAT Centre, as I was searching for help online. I went there, and Deepesh, the Communication Officer, knowing my problem, promised a help. KAT Centre even helped me with an ambulance, as they were on their way for a rescue near my hotel for another dog.

KAT now provides food, shelter, treatment and care for EVEREST until he is ready to fly, in a few months. They also have helped me with the complicated process of documents, papers and vaccines.

Everest in KAT (3)
Everest with his other friends at KAT Centre.

I am very grateful for KAT for this. They are an amazing organization that has done outstanding work to control the number of street dogs in Kathmandu, by its Birth Control and Rescue Projects.

As I have returned back to Austria in order to gather resource for bringing Everest with me after three months, I am content that Everest is at KAT Centre, waiting for my return.

Everest in KAT (4)
From left: Puntee, Deepesh (KAT Centre Staff, Me, and Everest) at KAT Centre’s Living Room.

Read more about KAT Centre at or see their Facebook

– Benedikt Kaltenbock


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